ServiseXpress Corporation, USA

ServiceXpress is a factoring branch of Service General, a company based in Georgetown, DE. Starting a classic factoring business, Service General needed robust software to satisfy their growth needs. Previously using Excel, the company needed a structured way to manage all the invoices and contracts in one user-friendly, easy-to-use system. Integration to QuickBooks, their financial accounting software, is planned sometime in the future – for now, all GL data is transferred to QB manually.

ServiceXpress started using the system within just two weeks – this is how long the standard system setup and user training took.

Faktoro, Lithuania

In 2023, Faktoro had 450 customers and financed 25,000 invoices. Faktoro provides all types of factoring: classic factoring, silent factoring, reverse factoring, and export factoring. The company approached SOFT4 in 2019, looking for customizable and fast-to-implement software for the invoice finance business. Since then, the company also started using the Loans module from SOFT4Leasing, factoring, and loan self-service portals. It moved its financial accounting to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for data consistency throughout its business processes.

Tirana Factoring and Lease, Albania

Tirana Factoring and Lease Sh.A. (TFL) is a non-bank financial institution specializing in factoring (invoice discounts, forfeiting, B/L financing, promissory note discounts) and leasing activities. Before 2017, TFL did most of its business management processes manually. TFL makes their business management more efficient using the SOFT4Factoring software benefits such as automated calculation, accrual, and invoicing of interest and commission. From now on, the TFL team may have an overview of all valid factoring agreements at a single click and an overview of all open invoices on a single page.

TessPay, Switzerland

TessPay was about to grow its debtor finance business, and with new suppliers coming, it wanted to do it fast. After a few conversations and looking at the system, the customer agreed that the SOFT4Factoring software is a comprehensive and easily customizable tool to enable them to start their factoring business quickly. TessPay had a very short time (around one month) to launch SOFT4Factoring and replace the existing factoring software from Germany, which needed to meet their expectations. The goal was achieved successfully, and within a month, TessPay could service new customers in the SOFT4Factoring system. The system was extended with customer-specific extensions to meet TessPay’s business process.

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