SOFT4 is

a Reliable | Ambitious | Professional  | Sincere | Curious 


who creates value in its ecosystem – customers, partners, colleagues, and the environment – by creating modern factoring, invoice finance, asset finance and leasing software products that are highly specialized and meet specific finance market needs.  

SOFT4 software solutions are part of the Microsoft solutions ecosystem. We’re like a Swiss knife – allowing you to manage many aspects of your business with one easy-to-use, worth-mastering tool. 



We see the SOFT4 brand as:

Encouraging: embrace uncertainty, take change, welcome innovations. 

Empowering: be a better version of yourself and make an impact. 

Approachable: straight in communication, willing to do more than expected, fun to work with. 

Sustainable: keeping promises to our customers, employees, and partners; meeting the needs of the present, transforming them to work in the future. 

SOFT4 team

SOFT4 is a team of like-minded people who love challenges, are diverse, and have their peculiarities. They are dedicated to the same goal – to enable the customer to see the circumstances that impact their business and act. We are not afraid to make mistakes; instead, we learn from them and return with more determination and insights on serving you better and improving our products. 

We support each other, encouraging openness and honesty. Intrigues, jealousy, and arrogance do not belong in our team. Sometimes, you may find us muttering and arguing, but that’s how new ideas are born, mistakes rectified, and new versions of the SOFT4 products released. 

We feel our work is meaningful when

  • we see how the products we’ve developed add value to the customer’s business, helping them achieve more than they could before and spend time on productive activities;
  • we get a chance to understand the actual reason and business pain behind customers’ requests, WHY they are requesting what they are asking;
  • we know we solved the problem well, not just charged for it;
  • we are fully involved in what we do; we are here and now;
  • we are rewarded with positive feedback on the task completed, and we see the joy in the customers’ or each other’s faces. When we hear “Thank you for what you do.”
  • we see that product development is moving in the right direction as planned;
  • we can share our knowledge, so it would take less time for the colleague or customer  to learn what we’ve learned, and when others share their knowledge with us;
  • we are recommended to new customers and partners;
  • we achieve and exceed our targets;
  • we receive positive feedback from the people we expect the least when we welcome positive and negative feedback from our customers. This helps us to grow.
  • even the craziest ideas work, and allow ourselves to drop the ones that don’t;
  • our customers and partners trust us.

How do we bring value to the world?

We are constantly developing and improving the SOFT4Factoring product, which brings measurable results to our customers and partners, allowing them to:

  • visualize the reasons that impact their business and act accordingly; 
  • grow their business; 
  • quickly bring their new offers to the market; 
  • serve their customers better; 
  • save some cash while automating processes and daily routines; 
  • decrease the possibility of loss and infringement due to human mistakes; 
  • achieve more with fewer resources; 
  • and more! 

Our team is still hungry for success. This allows us to walk the extra mile for our customers’ business and company. More than 200 companies and over 100 partners and consultancy companies trust the SOFT4 brand. Most of our customers and partners have been with us since the beginning – the churn rate is as low as 1% yearly for various reasons, but never because of the SOFT4 products not delivering the results promised or our specialists’ competence. 

SOFT4 team knows both technical and business processes; we can advise, evaluate the risks, and share the best practices and other customers’ experiences around the globe. We genuinely care about our customers, even though sometimes we do not agree with their point of view – always seeking to find a balance and win-win. Occasionally, we do work that does not benefit us – to keep our promises and not bring down our customers’ business. 

Internally, we’re constantly learning, inventing, looking into the experience of others, searching for more efficient ways to do our work, and then applying that experience and knowledge to our products and our company. We challenge each other to discover strange lands, use the latest technologies and solutions, experience new cultures, and expand our communication and perception skills. 

We challenge our competitors with the products we create, making the whole business software market more advanced. 

How do we see our existing and potential customers?

Our existing and potential customers: 

  • Take us as partners, not just “another supplier.” Because our partnership lasts for years, and the SOFT4 products allow you to run and develop your business. Once you enter a relationship with us, you will be confident about our team and product. 
  • Communicate directly and rationally. Both sides respect each other’s work, time, and the person.
  • Are mature companies and individuals who know what they want to achieve in their business and with their software, or industry newcomers who understand that excellent software helps prevent part of the mistakes new companies make. 
  • Are curious – not afraid to try something new, change, and improve their work process.  
  • Demand but also give – insights, feedback, and encouragement. We can learn something new from each other. Accept they’re not always right and can collaborate with us for a solution in each situation. 
  • Take responsibility for using the software, be willing to understand how it works, test it properly, and master it. You know that changes need time to become effective.